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TRBO Dispatch Consoles



AVTEC Scout console system offers a fully Integrated solution for commercial environments. AVTEC’s Scout Pure Voice over Internet Protocol dispatch console system uses a direct IP interface to connect with conventional or multi-site trunked MOTOTRBO systems. Wire-line connections provide a direct IP interface between the console system and the radio infrastructure, which avoids system radio frequency loading associated with wireless connections.



SmartPTT is a dispatch software for MOTOTRBO professional digital two-way radio systems from Motorola Solutions. It provides full functional control and fleet management over the radio networks of any size and topology based on MOTOTRBO™ IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus, Linked Capacity Plus, and Connect Plus.



TRBOnet offers the most advanced features for radio fleet management, dispatch and voice and data communications. It leverages the enhanced MOTOTRBO wireline network interface which allows dispatchers to interface directly with the system over IP. This improves the system stability, security and reliability but also reduces hardware overheads and can lower maintenance costs.