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When combined with Avigilon Control Center (ACC)™ software, Avigilon's broad range of megapixel cameras deliver high-quality imaging with maximum coverage.

Maximum clarity. Minimum bandwidth

Avigilon's High Definition Stream Management (HDSM)™ technology preserves video image integrity while intelligently managing bandwidth.

Smart, intuitive, and easy to use

Find scene changes, missing objects, and events with ACC™ software. It gives you full control over video playback, so you can quickly retrieve evidence.

Avigilon is Smart, intuitive, and easy to use

Your Pick Of Surveillance Cameras

Your pick of surveillance cameras

Avigilon offers a broad range of megapixel cameras — from 1 MP to 7K (30 MP) — that deliver clear image quality.

Avigilon systems grow with you

You can add Avigilon security cameras with almost no increase in bandwidth, servers, or hardware. Avigilon scales with you, so you can invest in what matters most to your business.

Avigilon Grows with the company

Avigilon gets along with everyone

Avigilon solutions get along with everyone

ACC software works with your existing access control, intercom, external alarms, and POS systems. Plus, Avigilon cameras work with other VMS platforms.