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Avtec Scount Enterprise suite of products

Avtec Scout Enterprise

A Scalable and Secure Pure IP Dispatch Console Solution

Avtec Scout™ Enterprise dispatching systems meet the needs for business-critical and mission-critical communications. Scout consoles handle all voice communication – both radio and telephony – and seamlessly integrates both. As a pure Internet Protocol (IP) solution based on open standards, Scout doesn't lock you into a proprietary system. It can be integrated with 3rd party technologies and works with commercial off-the-shelf equipment.

  • Fully customizable user interface screens
  • Supports commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) IT equipment
  • Easy to configure with a single, simple software system
  • Dispatch from fixed or mobile locations
  • Fully redundant and designed to maintain your operations in every situation
  • Support geographically dispersed architecture
  • System elements report diagnostics to Scout Central Distributor
  • All components can be distributed over a LAN/WAN infrastructure
  • Can support hundreds of consoles and thousands of endpoints
  • Easily accommodates new and legacy technologies
  • Supports conventional and trunked radios
  • Integrates with all MOTOTRBO radio systems
  • Connects with Motorola P25 solutions and ASTRO® systems
  • Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS) compliant
  • Integrate with logging recorders from multiple partners
  • Extend functionality with third party apps for GPS location and tracking, geofencing, text messaging, fleet management capabilities and more
Avtec Scout Overview
Watch this video for an overview of Avtec's pure IP dispatching console system.

The Perfect MOTOTRBO Solution

Scout Enterprise consoles are the official dispatch solution for MOTOTRBO radio systems. It's also the recommended replacement for Motorola Solutions MCC 5500 and MIP 5000 dispatch consoles.

Download the Scout™ with MOTOTRBO™ brochure

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Choose from 4 Different Scout Enterprise Solutions

Avtec Scout EX screen photo

Scout EX

Scout EX is Avtec's most robust solution for conventional and trunked radio systems, telephony and broadband/LTE technologies. If you are a "power user" who manages hundreds of resources on a daily basis and need a secure, scalable and redundant console solution, you can depend on Scout EX.

  • Up to 50 Audio Streams
  • Up to 2,000 Channels
  • Fixed or Mobile Dispatching
Avtec Scout E8 screen photo

Scout E8

Avtec Scout E8 gives your command center maximum value for a minimal investment. Scout E8 integrates with leading radio, telephony and broadband/LTE technologies. And because it is compatible with all Scout Enterprise products, you can easily expand your system as your operations center grows.

  • Up to 8 Audio Streams
  • Up to 8 Channels
  • Fixed or Mobile Dispatching
Avtec Scout E4 screen photo

Scout 4

The Avtec Scout E4 console provides a cost-effective solution that is compatible with Scout EX and E8 consoles so you can add additional software licenses as needed. Like the entire Scout Enterprise family, Scout E4 dispatch consoles integrate with leading proprietary and standards-based radio, telephony and broadband/LTE technologies.

  • Up to 4 Audio Streams
  • Up to 4 Channels
  • Fixed or Mobile Dispatching
Avtec Scout E1 screen photo

Scout E1

Avtec Scout E1 is a purpose-built hardware device that delivers a compact, reliable and affordable dispatching solution for up to four radio or LTE endpoints. These devices can stand alone, or work together in their own system. Since Scout E1 is compatible with all Scout Enterprise products, it can be easily expanded.

  • Up To 4 Channels
  • Maximum 12 endpoints per system
  • Maximum 8 consoles per system

Download the Avtec Scout Enterprise brochure for more information on each console.

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