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3 radio accessories that will make your life easier

Take your radio communications to the next level with these accessories.

Hand placing mic onto magnetic base

Two-way radios are the first step to creating streamlined, effective communication across your workforce. That said, taking care of and managing an entire fleet of radios can be a complicated task. So we’ve put together a rundown of some of our favorite radio accessories that will make communicating on the job safer and easier to manage.

1. The Titan Radio Universal Charger

Not every radio fleet is built the same. Oftentimes, organizations will have a mix of different radio models or even brands. Having to keep track of charging stations for each individual radio can make for a messy workspace.

The Titan Radio TRUMUC Universal Charger can hold up to 18 radios and is compatible with Motorola Solutions, Titan Radio, Kenwood, and Vertex Standard two-way radios. It is made up of charging pods that can be mixed and matched to create a charger that is completely unique to your radio fleet.

View the Universal Charger

2. Magnetic Mic

Magnetic Mic is a game-changer for people who use mobile radios. Mobile radios are installed inside a vehicle and generally come with a hang-clip for the speaker mic. Magnetic Mic is an alternative to these hang-up clips, which can be difficult and distracting to use while driving. Magnetic Mic makes it easy to hang up your speaker mic, without having to take your eyes off the road. Its magnetic base guides your speaker mic into place and securely holds it, so you don’t have to fumble with a generic hang-clip.

Magnetic Mic is used across the globe by more than 255,000 radio operators in a wide range of industries including mining, police, EMS, fire, transportation, and construction.

Learn More about Magnetic Mic

3. Custom Printing and Labeling

Radio with custom printing

While we admit that custom printing may not quite qualify as an ‘accessory’, we feel that it can be an invaluable way to manage and keep track of your gear. Air Comm offers high-quality, full-color printing on most radios and accessories. We can number your radios and even print your company logo so you can show off your brand while on the job.

See More Printing Examples

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