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In-Building Cellular
Signal Amplifiers
DAS/BDA Solutions by Air Comm

In-Building Cellular DAS-BDA Solutions

Get better cell signal and extend coverage across your building with bi-directional amplifiers & distributed antenna systems from Air Comm.

Expand Coverage

Boost cell reception across your building, including 5G coverage.

Improve Safety

Make sure building occupants can communicate during an emergency.

Ensure Reliability

Cellular network users can enjoy consistent connectivity.

What are Cellular DAS / BDA systems and who needs them?

Boost cellular coverage across your building, even in areas that were previously lacking signal, like stairwells or underground tunnels. A Distributed Antenna System (DAS) is a network of antennas designed to boost and sustain wireless signals throughout a facility where there may otherwise be little or no coverage. A Bi-Directional Amplifier (BDA), also known as an in-building amplifier, is a device that amplifies in-building and external cellular signals .

A well-designed in-building amplifier system can bring in cellular signals from outside your building and distribute wireless coverage across that structure. Consistent coverage in your facility is crucial to maintaining operational efficiency and keeping people safe in emergencies. Both staff and visitors benefit when there is a reliable cell signal across the entire building.

Example of how a BDA-DAS system works
people using phones in lobby

Why choose Air Comm to install your DAS/BDA system?

Air Comm has been designing communication systems since 1973. Our team of signal experts can perform grid testing to verify existing cell signal conditions. Based on those results, we can design and install a cellular DAS/BDA system that provides the most reliable and efficient wireless coverage possible. Our engineers work with industry-standard software to design systems that will perform in any situation.

A poorly designed cellular DAS is a common problem in this industry. We've seen systems that interfere with nearby Public Safety radio sites. Another common problem is inexperienced installers not coodinating with cell carriers, often resulting in poor system performance.

Air Comm knows this technology better than anyone, and we'll use that knowledge to make sure that your project is successful.

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DAS-BDA Public Safety Solutions
Public Safety Signal Boosters

Assist First Responders and stay compliant with reliable in-building radio coverage.

DAS-BDA Radio Solutions
In-Building Radio Signal Boosters

Keep your staff connected by eliminating dead zones while using two-way radios.

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