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MVX1000 In-Car Digital Video System

You're parked near an intersection typing a report when a vehicle flashes by trying to make the light. Did the driver run the red light? Should you pull the vehicle over?

As in-car video becomes a necessity in law enforcement, you need a way to capture high-quality video that makes life easier for public safety officers in the field and in the command center.

The MVX1000 In-Car Digital Video System is an in-car and backend video capture and management solution that combines high-quality video, reliable ruggedized construction and an intuitive touch-screen interface with next generation mission critical functionality to better protect the public and the officer.

Video is one of the police officer's best friends. It helps document incidents ranging from basic traffic stops to the subduing of violent arrestees to the use of firearms. It helps corroborate that offenses have been committed. It helps convict offenders by providing compelling visual evidence. Perhaps most important, it helps protect officers from false charges of excessive force or unprofessional behavior. According to the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), 93 percent of officers accused of misconduct are exonerated by in-car video.

  • Highly rugged MIL-STD-810G certified, IP54-sealed product.
  • Limited three-year warranty standard on DVR console and front-facing camera.
  • Optional integrated 802.11n wireless upload within the DVR, including 3x3 MIMO antenna capability.
  • Unique one-touch Ten-Second Rewind capability allows the officer to immediately see "what just happened" with a single button press.
  • Intuitive and friendly touch-screen user interface application for system control via in-vehicle computer.
  • 27X Optical Zoom camera with wide viewing angle and near-zero LUX operation to capture action outside the vehicle day or night.
  • H.264 video compression to preserve video quality and integrity while minimizing file size.
  • Add searchable information about up to three citizens and up to three vehicles per incident.
  • Officers or administrators can add additional bookmarks or report details after incident upload via the VX1000 Digital Multimedia Management System backend client.
  • Additional files material to the incident (Word documents, digital camera still images, etc.) may be added to the incident folder for easy access by officers and administrators.
  • Optional backend capability to construct more complete views of an event by combining fixed video, MVX1000 mobile video and audio, as well as E911 and ASTRO┬« 25 LMR audio logs in a single incident folder.