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Communication Solutions by Air Comm

Hear Everyone, Loud and Clear

From purpose-built Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO radios to headsets and solar-powered surveillance and communication trailers, Air Comm will set your mining operation up for safety and success.


Crystal-clear communication with features to optimize sound levels and suppress background noises.


Radios that meet military standards for durability and reliability. Plus, digital offers 40% longer battery life.


From across the site to across the city, MOTOTRBO won't let distance keep your crews from connecting.


Air Comm’s custom solar-powered trailers to help you communicate and monitor on your site.

Contact Air Comm today and let us design the ideal solution for you.

The power of team communications

Investing in the right communication solution for your team is critical to success of any operation and, even more importantly, the safety of your team members. The mining industry presents a a particular set of problems when it comes to communication because of terrain, noise levels, and safety hazards. Air Comm provides solutions to help you navigate these challenges with ease.

Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO

Air Comm recommends Motorola MOTOTRBO solutions to keep your crews in touch. MOTOTRBO is a complete two-way radio system that includes portable and mobile radios, repeaters, accessories as well as powerful data applications like text messaging and location services. It’s specifically designed to meet the tough requirements of the mining sector, and includes intrinsically safe two-way radios.

How Can I use MOTOTRBO in the Mining Industry?
Mototrbo Radios

Recommended For Mining:

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HD Headsets

HD Headsets: Maximum noise reduction.

View HD Headsets.

Increased Functionality Boosts Productivity.

Powered by advanced Motorola technology, MOTOTRBO is ready to help you respond to any challenge with enhanced productivity features.

Push-to-Talk with Hands-free portability

Push-to-talk (PTT) applications enable immediate communication with work crews. Adding carry accessories make it simple for workers to clip their radio onto a belt, while our HD Headsets allow users to talk without holding the radio.

Clear Communication in Loud Environments

Noisy construction site? MOTOTRBO provides digital noise suppression and audio that stays clear even in noisy environments. The Intelligent Audio feature (on certain models) automatically adjusts radio volume up and down in response to the level of noise in the workplace. When paired with Motorola’s IMPRES audio accessories, noise suppression is increased even further. When audio communication is simply not possible, MOTOTRBO Text Messaging Services allows communication between radios and dispatch systems.

Rugged Construction and up to 40% Longer Battery Life

Because MOTOTRBO radios use much less power in digital mode than analog, batteries last significantly longer on a single charge. Motorola radios meet demanding military standards for durability and reliability, including submersion in water.

Track People and Vehicles for Added Safety

Location Services takes advantage of each radio's built-in GPS features when combined with the MOTOTRBO Location Services software application. The application can provide dispatchers with a real-time display of fleet activity on a customized, high-resolution, color-coded map. MOTOTRBO also offers Man Down and Lone Worker applications that call for help when personnel can’t.

Monitor Your Site + Extend Internet & Communications With A Solar-Powered Trailer

When operations are constantly moving, you need a solution that allows you to maintain reliable communication. Air Comm designeds mobile solar trailers that link to fixed repeater sites through IP site connect, via a microwave link, providing consistent coverage. Cameras can also be installed on the trailer to monitor safety and track progress.

Customize to Your Needs

The MOTOTRBO platform is flexible with an expert application developer program that helps you customize your communication solution to your environment and workforce. MOTOTRBO also simplifies the integration of third-party data applications with either a direct IP interface to the radio or an option board interface, standard USB connection and IP addressing.


solar powered trailers

Custom Mobile Solar-Powered Trailers

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Air Comm Services Provided: Mining

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Contact Air Comm today and let us design the ideal solution for you.

Connect Two People or 2,000

From across your location to across the country, Air Comm has the coverage options to keep you connected, even if you have thousands of workers. Below are our extended coverage and capacity capabilities.

IP Site Connect | Up to 15 Sites and 200 Users Per Site
Capacity Plus | Up to 1,600 Users at a Single Site
Multi-Site Capacity Plus | Up to 1,600 Users at Multiple Sites
Capacity Max | Up to 15 Sites and 3,000 Users Per Site
Connect Plus | Up to 250 Sites 3,000 Users Per Site
WAVE | Nationwide Coverage for Radios and Smartphones