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Microwave System

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Cambium Networks’ (formerly Motorola Solutions) Point to Point (PTP) radio solutions are providing award-winning network performance in licensed, unlicensed and defined use frequency bands. These include specific FIPS 140-2 solutions for the U.S. Federal market.

Based on breakthrough Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) technology, Cambium Networks’ PTP solutions deliver exceptional near-line-of-sight (nLOS) and non-line-of-sight (NLOS) coverage in locations where foliage, tall buildings or other obstructions limit wireless broadband access.

Cambium ptp450

PTP 450

PTP 450 is optimized for reach, reliability and throughput in a compact form factor, making it ideal for point to point enterprise access, video surveillance and backup connection service. The Cambium 450 offers a flexible, reliable wireless broadband solution to support:

  • Enterprise Access
  • Disaster recovery
  • Leased line replacement
  • Special events connectivity
Cambium ptp650

PTP 650

Service providers, government and public safety agencies, and critical infrastructure operators need to match growing demands for data, voice and video traffic. Cambium Networks is an industry leader in spectral efficiency and performance with the Point-to-Point (PTP) 650 wireless backhaul. With up to 450 Mbps aggregate throughput in a 45 MHz channel, and operating from 4.9 to 6.05 GHz, PTP 650 systems let you reliably and securely handle today’s needs with scalability to meet future requirements.

Cambium ptp700

PTP 700

PTP 700 is a Point-to-Point wireless broadband solution for mission-critical communications in government, industrial and public safety spaces.

Whatever the mission may be, the PTP 700 provides flexibility that allows managers and operators to negotiate changing program landscapes while staying within budgetary parameters.

Cambium ptp800

PTP 800

Public safety agencies, government entities, and service providers who demand licensed exclusivity, high bandwidth, scalability, and practicality can rely on the PTP 800 to meet all of their network and bandwidth requirements.

Because our portfolio supports both Split Mount and All-Indoor architectures, network operators can choose unique, customizable solutions. Whether backhauling video, providing connectivity to locations over long distances, or last-mile access, the PTP 800 and PTP 800i All-Indoor solutions' capabilities meet today's IP requirements and tomorrow's Next Generation Network needs.

Cambium ptp810

PTP 810

PTP 810 systems operate in radio frequencies between 6 and 38 GHz at scalable Ethernet data rates up to 700 Mbps full duplex. Their modular design offers pluggable modem units that support T1/E1, STM-1, and Ethernet on a single platform, giving you flexibility in configuring the best system for your needs at optimal cost. Systems are available in both Split Mount and All-Indoor (PTP 810i) architectures. PTP 810i All-Indoor solutions are ideal when tower access or weather present obstacles. Available in FCC and ICC 6 and 11 GHz authorized bands, these licensed solutions can obtain up to 477 Mbps with XPIC enabled.

Demand for multimedia communications and mobility supports that deliver higher throughputs for bandwidth-intensive applications is growing exponentially. Today’s operators can leverage their legacy investment while taking advantage of the cost efficiencies and performance benefits of packet-based Ethernet technology. Service providers, public safety and government agencies, heavy industry such as utilities and transportation, and other enterprises will find PTP 810 an optimal solution for migration. Capital expenditures and operating expenses can be reduced to support a number of applications including:

  • Leased Line Replacement
  • Building to Building and Campus Connectivity
  • Network Redundancy
  • Wireless Network Extensions
  • Video Surveillance
Cambium ptp820

PTP 820

Supporting licensed frequency bands ranging from 6 to 42 GHz, the PTP 820 series delivers a wide range of configurations to offer a tailored solution for any deployment scenario. High-density multi-technology nodes and integrated radio units enable flexibility in choosing split-mount and all-outdoor configuration options. Implementing unique Line of Sight (LOS) and Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) technologies, and modulation across bandwidths above 2048QAM, ensures Industry-leading throughput and spectral efficiency.

Cambium eBMP1000

ePMP 1000

ePMP backhaul solutions provide low-latency, interference-tolerant, high-throughput options at very competitive prices. Supporting various channel bandwidths, ePMP suits a wide range of performance needs for different applications.

GPS-synchronized options allow more efficient use of spectrum by allowing synchronization of not only multiple backhaul links, but also a single backhaul to an ePMP Access Network. ePMP backhaul products are offered in the 5GHz and 2.4GHz bands with numerous configuration options, from simple integrated solutions to higher gain dish options.