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Mobile Workstations


Motorola MW810

Fully Rugged Mobile Computer For Mission-Critical Vehicles

Optimized For Mobility. Optimized For Wireless.

The Motorola MW810 rugged fixed-mount computer provides reliable, mobile wireless connectivity and computing power for mission-critical applications.

The high-performance computing platform is optimized to deliver seamless mobility at highway speeds. Motorola’s three-piece design allows flexible installation options, including choice and location of CPU, display, and backlit keyboards.

  • Fully-Rugged
  • Fixed-Mount System for Vehicles
  • Versatile Three-Piece Design
  • Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor Options
  • Expanded I/O Capabilities
  • Supports Multiple Internal Radios
  • Dual Display Option
  • High Brightness, High-Contrast Display Option