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APX NEXT All-Band P25 Smart Radio

Portable Public Safety Two-Way Radios

Air Comm is authorized to sell APX models within the state of Utah only.

Protect your focus when it matters most

APX NEXT brings usability and performance advancements to every aspect of the radio experience. Streamlined interfaces. Accelerated workflows. Mission-critical reliability. All protecting the focus that keeps responders safe and effective.


ViQi Virtual Assistant
With ViQi at your side, it’s faster and easier to run routine database queries. Dispatchers can focus on responding to the most critical situations. And the intelligence that keeps responders safe is moved to the field, faster than ever.

Your radios should be in the field, not in the shop. SmartProgramming enables you to update your APX NEXT radios with zero touch. Encryption keys and software patches can be automatically pushed via broadband.

Your officers never need to be alone, even while on lone patrol. SmartLocate on APX NEXT provides location updates every few seconds, so you always know where your team is, while freeing critical capacity of your P25 system for other uses.

Stay connected to your P25 radio system even when outside of P25 coverage. SmartConnect maintains your P25 voice and data communications by automatically switching between P25 and broadband.

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