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MOTOTRBO Portables Accessories
Motorola Commercial Radio Accessories
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VX-2100 VX-2200

VX-2100 / VX-2200 Analog Accessories

Miscellaneous Motorola-Compatible Accessories
Radiogear Omni

RadioGear® Hearing Protection Earpieces

Incredibly lightweight and durable, high quality speakers are embedded in each hearing protection earpiece for clear radio monitoring.
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Magnetic Mic

Magnetic Mic

Keeps your eyes on the road! The magnetic base replaces the conventional metal hang-up clip used with most radio microphones. It can be easily installed anywhere within the driver’s reach.
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Motorola Call Box

Motorola Call Boxes

Call Boxes provide a swift and reliable way for employees, visitors and customers to communicate to a monitoring station. Two-way based Call Boxes allow for integration into most existing radio systems.
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