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Satellite Phones

satellite phones

Mobile Satellite Phone

Globalstar GSP-1700

Key Features:
  • Powered by 100% satellite technology – works where cell phones don’t
  • Lowest hardware pricing with industry leading airtime plans
  • Crystal-clear voice quality
  • Fastest MSS data speeds to send and receive email (9600 or data cable required)
  • Long-life Lithium-ion battery providing 4 hours of talk time or 36 hours standby
  • U.S.-based phone number
  • Smallest, lightest handset
  • Compact and light weight weighing only 7 oz., the GSP-1700 packs easy for traveling
  • Optimized for outside daytime viewing: Backlit color display with 4-line 12-character LCD
  • Illuminated keypad: Easy to see keypad when lighting is inadequate
  • Available in multiple colors: Choose from Copper and Red
  • Simple emergency calling
  • Automatic international roaming
  • Easy access to incoming SMS and voicemail, with user configurable “new message” alert
  • Standard 2.5 mm jack for connection to a noise-cancelling headset, vehicle/marine kit handset
  • User configurable ringtones (8)
  • CDMA technology for optimal voice clarity
  • Airtime options tailored to your calling needs, including monthly or annual plans for seasonal users
  • Integrates with optional GPDK-1700 Portable Docking Kit or GIK-1700 Install Kit
Data Network And Services
  • Connect to the Globalstar 9600 Data Satellite Hotspot or a USB data cable (each sold separately)
  • Express Data software accelerates speed up to 28Kbps throughput (Uncompressed speed 9.6Kbps)
  • Supports direct TCP/IP and asynchronous data communications
  • Easy #777 direct Internet & email access from any of Globalstar’s international gateways
satellite phones

Fixed Phone System

Globalstar GSP-2900

The GSP-2900 is a versatile fixed satellite phone system providing convenient access to satellite voice and data services, including Internet, email and voicemail. The system allows personnel to keep in contact with co-workers, manage projects and maintain efficiency from remote worksites on land and water. For disaster management and emergency preparedness, the GSP-2900 can be used as an affordable and redundant communications system, providing temporary backup communications for any fixed-site location.

Flexible Configuration
  • Can be installed on boats, skyscrapers, oil rigs, service vans and more
  • Easily connect the GSP-2900 power supply to a 12V generator or solar power system where standard 110V power is not available
  • Battery backup for redundant power
  • Choose from 3 antenna cable length options 20’, 30’ and 55’
  • Connect up to 5 analog telephones
  • Interface with trunk line or phone switch loop start, both key systems and PBX’s
  • Comes standard with a U.S. based number
  • Crystal-clear voice quality
  • Compatible with standard analog and cordless phones
Data(Optional Accessories)
  • GDK-2900-CBL - Data Cable Kit for GSP-2900 Fixed Unit
  • GDK-GS9600 - Globalstar 9600 Data Satellite Hotspot
  • GDK-G9600-ADPT - Serial to USB Cable
GSP-2900 Includes
  • Fixed Phone Unit
  • Mini-Stick antenna
  • Junction Box
  • +12V AC/DC Power Supply
  • Backup Battery Mounting Kit
  • 50’ power/phone cable
satellite phones

Satellite Hotspot

Globalstar Sat-Fi™

With Sat-Fi, Globalstar customers can use their existing Wi-Fi enabled devices to send and receive calls, email and SMS text messages over the newest, most modern satellite network. Whether on land or at sea, up to 8 Sat-Fi users will be able to maintain reliable connectivity when beyond cellular with one Sat-Fi device. Experience the industry’s best voice quality and the fastest data speeds, all at an affordable price.

  • Be Heard with Globalstar’s crystal-clear voice quality
  • Be Productive with the industry’s fastest data speeds, allowing you to send more in less time, therefore saving airtime costs
  • Be Efficient with up to 8 users using their existing devices to share one Sat-Fi connection
  • Be Economical with the most affordable airtime plans
Key Features
  • Powered by the world’s newest, most modern satellite network
  • Easily make calls, send emails and SMS from any Wi-Fi enabled device from beyond cellular
  • Fastest data speeds in the industry for sending and receiving email
  • Enjoy affordable, crystal-clear voice quality with seamless connectivity
  • Simple 10 digit dialing, caller ID and ability to use existing device contacts via the Sat-Fi App
  • Connect up to 8 users to Sat-Fi at one time
  • Connect with emergency services should the unexpected occur
  • Designed for both vehicle/vessel-based and fixed locations
Sat-Fi Apps
  • Available for Android, Apple iOS, Mac and Windows
  • Easily make voice calls, send emails, SMS & post to social media
  • Conveniently use existing device contacts
  • S.O.S. alert capability* with GPS location data sent to emergency responders
  • Transfer incoming calls and send text messages between connected users
Sat-Fi Includes
  • Sat-Fi unit
  • AC/DC power supply
  • 12VDC car adapter
  • Waterproof DC power cable
  • Wi-Fi antenna
  • External satellite antenna (3 options)
  • 14 ft coaxial antenna cable (32 ft, 47 ft and 86 ft also available)
  • Mounting accessories
  • Quick start guide
Antenna Options
  • GAT-17MR - Pole-mounted marinized helix antenna
  • GAT-17HX - Magnetic mount helix antenna
  • GAT-17MP - Magnetic patch antenna