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It's 2019. Securing your property shouldn't be a hassle.

Let SentraCam do it for you.

saves you time

SentraCam monitors cameras and does all maintainance and repairs on your behalf.

saves you money

SantraCam costs far less and is much more effective than hiring a security guard.

simplifies your life

With simple monthly payments, you can relax knowing your property is in good hands.


A single incident of vandalism costs on average $3,370.

Unlike a security guard, the SentraCam security camera monitoring team views the entire site at once. Our advanced video analytics automatically identify possible threats. Once identified, a trained monitoring technician will intervene using amplified loudspeakers installed on each of our surveilled locations. If an issue does escalate, SentraCam will coordinate with the police.


Take a proactive approach to job site management.

SentraCam provides management with 24-hour access to live camera footage. The on-site speaker system is also accessible, making it possible to make announcements to the entire site at once. In addition, SentraCam offers job progress tracking in the form of time-lapse technology. SentraCam keeps your property secure, while making your business more efficient.


3 million workplace injuries occur in the U.S. each year.

SentraCam mitigates workplace accidents by ensuring proper safety precautions are taken at all times. The monitoring team can alert management of possible safety hazards on-site and notify them in the event of an accident. In areas where employees may feel unsafe walking to their vehicles at night, SentraCam staff will act as a virtual escort and make sure they leave safely.

So, how does it work?

SentraCam takes a new approach to security. Rather than recording video and reviewing it after an incident has occurred, SentraCam transmits and monitors video feeds in real-time. Incidents are identified and addressed immediately, protecting you and your property and stopping crime before it happens.

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Virtual boundaries are established on the site. High-risk areas are identified within these boundaries. Our own video analytic software alerts the monitoring team if a boundary is crossed. They then decide what measures should be taken.

The SentraCam team takes a proactive approach to monitoring your site. Armed with our video analytic software, we monitor the area in real-time. This way, we are able to stop crimes before they happen rather than having to review security footage after an incident.

If an intruder crosses a boundary or suspicious behavior occurs in the vicinity, the monitoring team engages with the threat via amplified loudspeakers. If the issue escalates, SentraCam coordinates with the authorities.

All video footage is stored and any incidents are documented by the SentraCam team. Live-stream video is also available to you at any time on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

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