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Your imagination is the limit when it comes to creating a custom mobile surveillance and/or communication system. Ideal for a wide range of industries spanning from Law Enforcement to Mining and Construction, Air Comm has the ability to tailor our mobile trailer units to your individual needs.

Each unique system starts with our standard trailer equipped with solar panels, a multi-battery backup, and an electronically controlled retractable mast. We provide a broad range of personalization options — CCTV cameras, video analytics, Internet extensions, data capabilities, and telecommunication solutions — all integrated into one self-contained system.

When we say your imagination is the limit, we truly mean it! Our highly experienced team of specialists can analyze your needs and come up with a custom mobile trailer solution as simple or as advanced as you desire.

Customization possibilities

  • Security cameras, live monitoring, and video analytics for surveillance or job progress tracking
  • Loudspeaker for two-way interaction (deter intruders, make site announcements, etc.)
  • Radio backbone (repeater) for reliable two-way radio communication
  • Internet extension via mesh, WiFi, Internet hotspot, or point-to-point
  • Voice-down technology
  • Lighting for large areas / strobe lights for crime deterrence
  • More! If you have a unique problem in mind, we’ll work with you to create a solution



Air Comm solar trailers are rugged and can easily be attached to a vehicle for transport.

Adjustable Height

The trailer mast can be adjusted to suit the specific conditions of your site.


Trailer units are solar-powered and do not require a permanent power source to function.


Our trailers are completely customizable. We will work with you to ensure your needs are met.



Creating reliable communication and tracking progress across ever-changing locations

At this particular site, a mining services company manages an open-pit mine. Their operations are constantly moving, so they needed a solution that would allow them to maintain reliable radio communication as the pit moves across different areas. Air Comm designed a mobile solar trailer that links to their fixed repeater sites through IP site connect, via a microwave link. Air Comm also installed cameras on the trailer so they can monitor safety and track progress.

remote jobsite


Mobile surveillance that integrates with department communications

Air Comm’s customized mobile surveillance systems are a fantastic solution for law enforcement on local, state, and federal levels. These solar trailers are quick-deploy and durable enough to withstand extended periods of time operating in the field. Our hardware and software options allow us to provide a solution that integrates with your existing control center or dispatch. We can also brand the trailer units with your department logo or leave them inconspicuous.

Air Comm trailer attached

We are here to help you, so if you have any questions, please contact us.

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