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Safety Starts with Better Communication

Discover Why School Districts are Moving to the MOTOTRBO™ Advantage.


Crystal-clear communication with features to optimize sound levels and suppress background noises.


Radios that meet military standards for durability and reliability. Plus, digital offers 40% longer battery life.


Alert dispatch, monitor buses on routes, inspect buses while idle, check fuel consumption and more.


SchoolSAFE Communications bridges the gap between the public safety network and schools.

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Enhance Safety and Security of Students and Staff, Even on Tight Budgets

For all the headline news stories, accidents and threatening intruders are still rare occurrences in schools. But if the unexpected does happen, reliable, fast communication is essential. And the certainty of instant access to assistance helps everyone feel safer.

Air Comm recommends Motorola MOTOTRBO solutions to keep your staff in touch. MOTOTRBO is a complete two-way radio system that includes portable and mobile radios, repeaters, accessories as well as powerful data applications like text messaging and location services. Teachers can communicate in real time, with colleagues and administrators. Bus drivers can connect safely to schools. Safety teams have direct access to first responders.

With greater durability and battery life compared to analog or cell phone solutions, it's specifically designed to meet the tough requirements for schools and universities.

A System Designed Specifically for Schools

Motorla has applied its years of experience building specialized technology for police and fire first responders to the development of MOTOTRBO solutions for K-12 education. Communication systems can extend beyond the digital two-way radio network, helping to ensure everyone can communicate — including direct links to emergency and rescue services if necessary.

Check out the video below for an example.

SchoolSAFE™ Network: Communicate Directly With First Responders

Motorola integrates with SchoolSAFE, a direct line of communication between MOTOTRBO radios and public safety radios. Once the SchoolSAFE public safety bridge is activated, school personnel can use their MOTOTRBO radios to talk directly with 911 dispatchers and first responders heading to the scene. Instead of information passing through multiple parties, everyone is on the same channel and can exchange real-time information as an incident unfolds. 
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Mototrbo Radios

Many Users. Different Devices.

View MOTOTRBO equipment.
“Parents will forgive us if we have not taught their child advanced algebra, but they will never forgive us if we don’t keep their kids safe.”
— Ed Smith, Superintendent Pueblo School District

Features for a More Productive Environment.

Powered by advanced Motorola technology, MOTOTRBO is ready to help you respond to any challenge with enhanced communication and safety features.

Push-to-Talk with Hands-free portability

Push-to-talk (PTT) applications enable immediate communication with teachers, administrators and security. Adding carry accessories make it simple for staff to clip their radio onto a belt, while our discreet earpieces allow users to talk without holding the radio.

Clear Communication in Loud Environments

Noisy school event? MOTOTRBO provides digital noise suppression and audio that stays clear even in noisy environments. The Intelligent Audio feature (on certain models) automatically adjusts radio volume up and down in response to the level of noise in the workplace. When paired with Motorola’s IMPRES audio accessories, noise suppression is increased even further. When audio communication is simply not possible, MOTOTRBO Text Messaging Services allows communication between radios and dispatch systems.

Bus Fleet Tracking and Management

Location Services takes advantage of each radio's built-in GPS features when combined with the MOTOTRBO Location Services software application. Features like emergency call buttons alert dispatch when drivers need assistance, and remote monitoring lets you listen in when a driver is unable to respond. Data applications inspect buses, check fuel usage, track upkeep and inform you if bus doors are left open.

Add Existing Smartphones to Network

No radio? No problem! By adding WAVE Work Group Communications to your MOTOTRBO system, school staff without radios can still talk with other radio users by using their smartphones, desk phones and PCs as push-to-talk communication devices. Plus, WAVE offers the ability to integrate with other networks when needed.

Rugged Construction and up to 40% Longer Battery Life

Because MOTOTRBO radios use much less power in digital mode than analog, batteries last significantly longer on a single charge. Motorola radios meet demanding military standards for durability and reliability, including submersion in water.

Customize to Your Needs

The MOTOTRBO platform is flexible with an expert application developer program that helps you customize your communication solution to your environment and staff. MOTOTRBO also simplifies the integration of third-party data applications with either a direct IP interface to the radio or an option board interface, standard USB connection and IP addressing.



The Ultra-Thin, Ultra Light SL Series.

View MOTOTRBO equipment. SchoolSAFE

Works with SchoolSAFE Network.

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Connect Two People or 2,000.

From across your location to across the country, Air Comm has the coverage options to keep you connected, even if you have thousands of workers. Below are our extended coverage and capacity capabilities.

Conventional | Basic Radio-to-Radio Communication

Perfect for smaller companies. Basic radio-to-radio communication with enhanced digital features like integrated voice and data communication, exceptional voice quality and extended battery performance. Ideal for a single site with low traffic. Adding repeaters can increase your coverage and expand your capacity to up to 200 users per repeater.

IP Site Connect | Uses Internet for Maximum Coverage

By using the Internet to extend the coverage of your MOTOTRBO communication system, you can communicate easily with users across the city, state or country. You can even enhance coverage at a single site like a high-rise building that contains physical barriers. Connect up to 15 low traffic sites with up to 200 users per site.

Capacity Plus | Up to 1,600 Users at a Single Site

Expand the capacity even further with this scalable, single-site digital trunking solution. Over a thousand radio users can quickly and efficiently share business-critical voice and data communication on the same system without having to add new frequencies.

Multi-Site Capacity Plus | Up to 1,600 Users at Multiple Sites

Takes Capacity Plus beyond the single-site limitation. Allows you to communicate to a large field force across a wide area by linking adjoining single sites across an IP network. Leveraging advanced repeater software, it is available in both single-site and wide-area configurations and can handle up to 1600 users.

Capacity Max | Up to 15 Sites and 3,000 Users Per Site

Capacity Max delivers a scalable, highly secure trunked radio communications solution that supports up to 15 sites with up to 3,000 users per site. Optimized for instant, reliable voice and data communications, better decision-making and seamless coordination across a single campus or a large-scale operation. Powerful management tools give you complete control over the system – all from a single console. Easily grow and change your system as your needs evolve.

Connect Plus | Up to 250 Sites 3,000 Users Per Site

A wide area coverage and high traffic solution that can be scaled to meet your communication needs. This highly secure systems can support up to 70 sites with up to 3000 users per site, based on a standard call model.

WAVE | Connect Smartphones to Your Radio Network

WAVE turns your existing smart devices, desk phones and PCs into push-to-talk (PTT) two-way radios that can communicate with each other along with MOTOTRBO and P25 radios. Features such as group calls, private calls, messaging and location provide best-in-class enterprise PTT communications. Learn more.

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