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Safety & Security Ecosystem

Unifying voice, data, video, and analytics in one integrated platform so that individuals, businesses, and communities can work together in more powerful ways.
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Know what is happening with better insights to protect people, property & assets.


Recognize which events are important, quickly find what you are looking for & make informed decisions to take action.


Connect instantly across devices & networks to keep teams connected and informed.


Simultaneously mobilize and coordinate an immediate response internally and with public safety.


Safe Schools brings together the technologies schools need to know who’s on school grounds, keep an eye on operations, and easily connect with students, parents, staff, and local law enforcement. It enables you to detect unauthorized personnel and vehicles, lock doors remotely, send mass notifications in case of an emergency, and give public safety agencies secure access real time video footage — facilitating an effective response that can save lives.

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Hospitals have the ultimate responsibility: caring for human lives. Your teams work every day to make sure patients receive the best care while navigating a non- stop and unpredictable environment. Healthcare facilities face security challenges unlike any other enterprise: people coming and going 24/7 — valuable assets, like pharmaceuticals and medical equipment, that need to be secured and monitored — patients who must be cared for and protected. The Safe Hospitals Ecosystem brings together the technologies you need to keep your operations safe and efficient.

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Whether you’re re-opening a venue at limited capacity or preparing for next season, safety remains at the core of providing an enjoyable fan experience. Safe Stadiums is a unified ecosystem combining voice, software, video, and services. It’s designed to help your team create a streamlined experience and maintain safety throughout the entire facility. These technologies come together to keep staff and visitors secure, while reassuring everyone who comes through the gates that potential threats can be identified and resolved before they escalate.

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Every day, millions of travelers, workers, and pallets of cargo travel in and out of airport doors. Your promise: ensure the timely arrival and departure of flights while maintaining an efficient and enjoyable experience for travelers, shippers, and your airport’s businesses. But delivering on this promise is only achievable with a foundation of safety. Each day, countless incidents occur on airport premises and it’s critical to identify important events and ensure personnel stay informed and ready to take action. The Safe Airports ecosystem is designed to create a streamlined experience and maintain safety throughout your entire airport.

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Today, modern manufacturers are continually tasked with optimizing operations, ensuring uptime and maintaining visibility throughout production. The push toward smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0 is introducing increased connectivity and automation throughout the daily workflow in order to produce quality products while reducing costs and minimizing downtime.

Organizations are looking to accelerate improvements by connecting machines, people, data and value chains throughout their facility. The movement toward “smart” factories can deliver measurable business results and is expected to be the main driver of manufacturing competitiveness in the next five years. And all of this must come together while ensuring a production environment that is safe and secure for employees, visitors, property and assets.

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Air Comm provides integrated solutions that help you detect, analyze, communicate, and respond to everyday incidents and emergencies - no matter the industry.