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Communication Solutions By Air Comm

Reach Everyone, Everywhere

Discover Why Law Enforcement Agencies are Upgrading to the Motorola Advantage.


Crystal-clear communication with features to optimize sound levels and suppress background noises.


Radios that meet military standards for durability and reliability. Plus, digital offers 40% longer battery life.


ASTRO 25 can track the location of vehicles and personnel through integrated GPS in APX radios.


Air Comm offers mobile workstations, body cameras, car video, dispatch consoles and more.

Contact Air Comm today and let us design the ideal solution for you.

The Next Level in Lifeline Communications

Clear communication and collaboration is paramount for the effectiveness and safety of today's law enforcement officers. Air Comm recommends Motorola public safety solutions to keep your officers connected. These mission critical devices include portable and mobile police radios, enhanced wired and Bluetooth headsets, accessories as well as powerful data applications. It's specifically designed to meet the tough requirements of police departments and other public safety agencies.

Air Comm is ready to help you respond to any challenge with complete solutions for law enforcement agencies.

APX Series P25 mobile and Handheld Two-Way Radios

Motorola created the APX™ series to redefine safety in mission critical radio communication. Utilizing the Project 25 (P25) digital two-way radio standard, and with single, multi- and all-band capability, APX radios are guaranteed to interoperate with other agencies. The result is the highest level of safety that a radio system can currently offer first responders. View APX Series

LEX Series Mission Critical LTE handhelds

Mission critical LTE handhelds that responders need to work safer, smarter and faster. Motorola's LEX™ Series can harness the power of broadband mobile data, smartly adapting and streamlining information so that officers receive only information that is relevant to them in a critical moment. Plus, LEX devices can be touch-paired with APX Series radios. View LEX Series

P25 Dispatch Consoles

Motorola offers ASTRO 25 (P25) compatible dispatch consoles, including the full-featured MCC 7500 Dispatch Console with emergency call prioritization, true end-to-end encryption and the easy-to-use Elite Graphical User Interface (GUI). View Dispatch Consoles

Mobile Workstations

The Motorola MW810 rugged fixed-mount computer provides reliable, mobile wireless connectivity and computing power for mission-critical applications. The high-performance computing platform is optimized to deliver seamless mobility at highway speeds. View Mobile Workstations

Body Cameras

WatchGuard Wi-Fi and GPS-enabled, ultra-rugged body-worn cameras with simple controls allow officers to capture high-definition video evidence individually or as part of an integrated in-car system. And, so you never miss a critical moment, Record-After-The-Fact technology gives you the power to go back in time and record an event after it happened. View Body Cameras

In-Car Video Systems

WatchGuard provides trusted, highly advanced in-car and motorcycle video systems for law enforcement. An icon-driven interface and direct access buttons simplify input and reduce the opportunity for error. Plus, active recordings are written to both the internal hard drive and secure USB flash drive. View Video Systems

Enhanced Mission Critical Bluetooth® accessories

Your officers and detectives need wireless accessories that are remarkably fast, secure, robust and easy to use. Yet off-the-shelf Bluetooth products lack the performance, security and comfort they require. That's why Motorola developed enhanced Bluetooth accessory solutions for APX™ portable radios. Secure pairing with reliable and clear encrypted voice communication. View Accessories

APX Series

All-Band and Multi-Band P25 Radios

View APX Series

Mission Critical LTE handhelds

View LEX Series
Motorola Law Enforcement Solutions Brief

Enabling a Safer Response
for Officers In the Field

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ASTRO 25 Brings it All Together

A challenge for public safety agencies is multi-agency collaboration across different systems, technologies, frequencies and geographies during an emergency. That's where ASTRO 25 comes in. ASTRO 25 is Motorola Solutions' P25 standards-based mission critical network that provides integrated voice and data network communications for emergency response. For law enforcement agencies on the ASTRO 25 network, two-way radios and advanced applications work together to improve first responder safety and decision-making capabilities.

More than just voice, the ASTRO 25 network includes location data, text messaging, database queries, identity and more. This allows you to share real-time information across applications, and even broadband devices, keeping everyone more informed.

Check out the video below for examples of what the ASTRO 25 network can do.

ASTRO® 25 Advanced Messaging Solution Demo
Motorola ASTRO 25 Systems

ASTRO 25 Systems:
Your Lifeline For Successful Missions

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Magnetic Mic

Magnetic Mic: Keep Drivers Focused & Safe An Alternative to the Conventional Vehicle Mic Clip.

View Magnetic Mic