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Rental Equipment

Air Comm can handle all of your equipment rental needs at an affordable price. Our commercial duty lines of Motorola and Titan radios and accessories are perfect for any event! Please call our experts to order the line of equipment that best fits your needs and budget.

Accessories available

D-Shell Earpiece | Surveillance Kit | Lightweight Headsets | Speaker Mics | Dual Muff Headsets | Back Up Batteries | Carrying Cases

Rental Products

Titan Radio TR 200


UHF Two-Way Radio

Ultra-Lightweight at only 4.9 oz, rugged and durable, repeatable capable, long battery life, 16 channels, and 2 watts. Perfect for outdoor events such as fairs, carnivals, sports, conventions, and building events with 1 – 5 stories. Outdoor range up to 3 miles.

Titan Radio TR400


UHF / VHF Two-Way Radio

More powerful option at 4 watts, 9.9 oz, rugged and durable, repeatable capable, long battery life, 16 channels, and 2 watts. Perfect for larger outdoor events. Outdoor range up to 5 miles and building events with 1 – 15 stories.

Titan Radio TR5000

TR 5000

UHF/VHF Repeater

UHF 450-470 MHz, VHF 146-174 MHz, 10" X 11" X 5", only 8 Pounds, built inside of a portable Pelican Case

Motorola Rental XPR6550

Motorola XPR6550

One-touch calling, quick text messaging, and enhanced call management. The perfect communications solution for professionals. Operates on 160 channels and includes an integrated GPS modem. Its tri-color LED indicator offers clear, visible feedback for its calling, scanning, and monitoring features.

Motorola Rental CP200d

Motorola CP200d

This lightweight and rugged device can operate concurrently in digital and analog modes. The CP200d has superior audio quality, outstanding coverage, and long battery life.

We are here to help you, so if you have any questions, please contact us.

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