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Wherever you need a stronger cellular signal – whether that be your home, office, or vehicle - weBoost signal boosters give you up to 32x stronger signal on any network and for any carrier.

Bestselling Boosters

Driver writes a fleet log
weBoost drive reach booster device

Drive Reach Fleet

For connecting your fleet

Drive Reach Fleet raises the bar on fleet connectivity by optimizing vehicle tracking and driver communications. It delivers the strongest cell signal possible on all available network speeds and allows dispatchers and fleet managers to stay in contact in weak-signal areas.

truck driving on a scenic road
weBoost drive X booster device

Drive X

For connecting on the go

Drive X is weBoost’s standard multi-user in-vehicle cell signal booster. Installed in minutes without tools, Drive X stops dropped calls while also improving voice quality, data speeds, and streaming capability. It also supports multiple users at a time.

Women working on a portal device
weBoost Home MultiRoom device

Home MultiRoom

For connecting your home or office

As weBoost’s most powerful in-vehicle cell The weBoost Home MultiRoom is a multi-user home cell phone signal booster. It’s rated to boost cell connectivity for as many as three large rooms (or up to 5,000 sq. ft.) and the kit is designed for easy, tool-free installation.

There is a booster to fit your every need

Air Comm can help find the one that's right for you.